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tv   [untitled]    May 13, 2012 12:30pm-1:00pm PDT

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in order for the chinese hospital continued to meet our communities need an order for it to comply with our state seismic requirements for hospitals, the chinese hospital needs to be brought into the 21st century. the current plan is to build a new eight-story hospital to improve patient care. our planning department recently released a draft eir and i am introducing legislation to facilitate this important effort. i look forward to working with you to help make this happen. i am also introducing a substitute legislation for portions of planning code legislation that i introduced last year. the original ordinance was intended to simplify the planning code and get a closer to established goals. in recent months, my office has been working closely with stakeholders, planning staff, and commissioners. thank you for their hard work.
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the work at the planning commission continues, but i am substituting four pieces of legislation to move toward the first phase of the ordinance i introduced last year. these are proposals that were recommended for approval by the planning commission. the help to open up the market for transferable development rights. the help to incentivize the creation of bicycle parking. it helps to rationalize a code as it relates to science, awnings, and canopies. -- signs. the rest of my items, i will submit. supervisor olague: i am introducing work around the creation of social heritage special use districts. we are working with several communities to determine the potential for suds.
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i would also like to begin a dialogue that sparks the review of certain african american sites for cultural preservation and social heritage landmark status as well. i want to thank supervisor kim, supervisor cohen. i live also discussed this with supervisor wiener. we're all concerned about how various departments provide support. i look forward to having this discussion with my colleagues and land use committee. also drafted a resolution to make carvey milk and national holiday. -- harvey milk and national holiday. i appreciate the support of supervisors. this resolution urges the u.s. congress to make may 22 in
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national holiday celebrating harvey milk. harvey milk was the first openly gay elected official in the country. i am proud to say the supervisor of district 5. i will just read from the last paragraph of a letter that was drafted by the harvey milk club. we ask that harvey milk the date be one that does not promote violence, but rather celebrates the diversity and common decency. it is our hope that the message of juloy gives rise to freedom o every where. i just want to mention that and to mention some of the clauses from the resolution being proposed. this was drafted by our staff.
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resolution urging the u.s. congress to designate may 22 as party milk a day and national holiday. -- harvey milk day a national holiday. he was the first openly gay elected official, elected in 1977. serving as the supervisor of district 5. he was a gay rights leader known all over the world for his work in fighting discrimination. he believed strongly that we have to give hope to the young people who still suffering bullying in schoolyards and psychological damage from growing up in a homophobic society. there is no holiday named for an
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lgbt leader. the state of california has -- may 22 is his birthday. be it resolved that the san francisco board of supervisors calls on the u.s. congress to designate may 22 as harvey milk day. raise awareness of the history of the movement and give hope to young people in cities everywhere in the country. supervisor campos: thank you. i have one item, which is a hearing will quest on the san francisco unified school district's plans for a transitional kindergarten. we are asking that this be sent to the joint city and school district select committee. the rest i submit, thank you. supervisor farrell: thank you.
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i have one item for introduction relating to our football franchise, the san francisco 49 years. -- 48ers. it has been painful to watch over the last few years. as they announced to -- their intentions to move their stadium. i have been a fan at all my life. i grew up going to games at candlestick. my parents have season tickets dating back to the 1970's. the reality of the events, especially in the last 12 months, have demonstrated a new reality. nfl blessed the stadium and gave them $150 million towards their new stadium. they announced that the stadium was fully financed. last month, they broke ground.
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this is happening. a spent the first 12 months in office spending a lot of time in coordination with the mayor trying to work with them to see if there was anything we could do to keep them here in san francisco. the reality is, that ship had sailed. we do not need another reminder of that. just drive down 101. as fans, this is emotional. i hate to see them leave our town. our sports teams are part of the fabric of san francisco. they will always be the san francisco 49ers. we have to protect our city financially and look to the future. in the course of our discussions, they asked for an option to end their lease a year
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earlier. they asked to get out of their lease at the end of the 2014 season. we could say no, but they could walk away from san francisco. we could work with them to ensure our common future together. that is why i am introducing an amendment to their current lease at candlestick park. in exchange for giving them an option to terminate their lease a year earlier, we are getting a number of things. an additional $1 million in consideration for the option that will go directly to our recreational and park department's budget. if the option is exercised, recreation and park receives the ancillary revenue, will be made completely whole on any anticipated rent or lease or parking payments that we will have received had they played the 2015 season at candlestick.
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employees will be offered jobs at the new stadium. most importantly, san francisco is gone to be the lead city adjoining would the 49ers to put in a bid to host the next super bowl. that is gone to bring hundreds of millions of dollars of economic data to our local economy. it is one of the toughest issues that have had to work with at the board of supervisors. to me, this is exactly what we need to do, it is the right thing for our city. when it comes to the full board, i hope to have everybody's full support. supervisor wiener: a couple of things.
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i wanted to acknowledge about the fire that occurred on sunday. it was beginning right at the north end of the route. we share responsibility in terms of helping these residents. it is a tragic, terrible fire. the fire department did an extraordinary job responding quickly and getting that fire under control. there were a couple of minor injuries. no significant injuries. i want to commend both the red cross and are committed to services agency for setting up a control center quickly.
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on to something happier, i am proud to be cosponsoring the request to make harvey milk day a national holiday. i look forward to the day when we have a national holiday. thank you. supervisor kim: it is incredibly difficult, but it is amazing to see how the community comes together.
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there is gone to be a community meeting on thursday night at 5:00 for folks who want more information. i am introducing a resolution to commend the men and women of the department of public works and proclaiming may 20-26 public works week. they are incredible. not only are they incredibly smart and defied the stereotype of local bureaucrats that do not care, but they are incredibly committed and dedicated to the city. it comes from their heart. i really have found a staff to be incredibly responsive to the needs of all of our neighborhoods and residents. not only did they take on incredible work of repaving our
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streets and cleaning our streets and alleyways, but they also do a lot of work to hire our residents. they do a lot of service projects. i asked colleagues for your support on the recognition of these men and women. we have seen many city leaders come out of this department, whether it is our current mayor . their current department head is an active president in his neighborhood. his home has -- is often viewed as a community center. the second, i am happy to co- sponsor the request on social heritage districts. our office is working with stakeholders to explore the
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creation of two specialist districts. -- special use districts. the current communities and small businesses that exist in this area. it is an emerging field of work and i am excited about the collaboration's that have already occurred. i look forward to working with supervisor olague's office. to identify tools to support ethnic, cultural businesses in the district. the rest, i segment. -- submit. supervisor mar: i forgot to mention that i was part of a historic gathering on monday.
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a coalition of local food council's. it is a bottom-up approach and -- it does help to bring dozens of policy councils from around the state together. they described as a -- it was exciting meeting with state representatives as well as local activists and food policy directors. i was proud to be there with many activists from around the state. this coming saturday, in line with our support of healthy foods for every neighborhood, we are holding our eighth annual richmond community health festival. i do it every year.
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community partners like kaiser permanente , and compassionate community care. we hope that you will come out. there are a lot of medical screenings, children's activities. a lot of different types of testing as well. it is from 10:00 to 2:00. 251 a8th avenue. supervisor campos: i want to reiterate some of the points that were made by supervisor wiener and kim about the fire that took place. it was quite amazing to see the work that was done by the
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planning department did the fire department. it was minor injuries, nothing serious, but anytime you have -- our hearts go out to the residents of the buildings that were affected. it was gratifying to see the community. we are grateful to them for giving each other that support. and also to city staff. of course, one of the interesting results of the redistricting process, at some point, there was some issue trying to figure out his district was -- whose district it was. i am glad at the end of the day, they received our response from three offices.
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thank you very much. >> that includes roll call for introductions. president chiu: we now go to general public comment. >> the opportunity for the public to comment generally for up to two minutes on items within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board to include the policy discussion between the mayor and the board and items which are not on the adoption without committee reference calendar. public comment is not allowed on those items which have already been subject to public comment by a board committee. speakers using translation assistance will be allowed to have twice the amount of time. if a member of the public would like a document to be displayed, please clearly state such and remove the document. president chiu: thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. do not give money to the friends of the library.
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do not accept money from the friends of the library. lack of accountability is at the foundation of the public-private partnership. up until the beginning of this year, the budget reported that the friends of the library contributed only $1.1 million for furniture fixtures. that figure had not changed in 13 months. since october of 2010. the periods of the greatest number of openings. suddenly, february 2012 but report, they show a $7.6 million added in one month. a significant -- this breach of accountability should be considered itself an assault on democracy. this comes after an audit in september of 2007 that found the program to be over budget and
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management at of control. it comes after a single grand jury report in june of 2008 which found that nobody was in charge of the store. there was another audit in august of 2009 that found deficiencies in management oversight. 85% of category standards -- it should be pretty clear by now that lack of accountability is the way of life for these people. broken promises is a way of life and failing to document their actions comes as second nature because corporate influence depends on fraud and fraud depends on not leaving a paper trail. every time we turn around, that is why july cost more than the money. -- the lies cost more than the
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money. >> as the previous speaker said, there are accountability issues between the relationship between the friends of the library and the public library. i am looking forward to the may 17, 2012, of the library commission. the report provided figures showing $8.8 million of their $16 million plant towards the branch library improvement program. based on an immediate disclosure request from july of last year, the library has finally provided documentation for $3.6 million of that amount. just this week, a statement from the chief financial officer of the library that the library has no supporting documents for the remaining amount of 5.1 at $7
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million. when the library has nothing to support those representations'. it should be interesting. the bottom line is we have been sold a bill of goods. the library commission pays no attention whatsoever. friends of the library say, we raised $5 million, we spent $750,000 to support the library. we are silent on the remaining million sprint now we find out that representations' have been made to the commission that $5 million supposedly was given by the friends of the library and they have not got one document to support that.
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is that fraud? president chiu: next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. last week, the sunshine or dance task force -- sunshine or dance task force of voted that the arts commission had violated open government law when they failed to have an audio recording made of a crucial meeting that had to do with the libraries destruction. that was part of the secrecy of the whole process of the destruction of that merrill and its replacement -- mural and its
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replacement by a very bland products. it has run a story painting over neighborhood history, which has some nice pictures of mural. the designers for the new mural has said they're paying close attention to respect for the existing mural and the elements within it. here is an image from the currently existing front of the building. on the left, on the middle --
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this is what is going to be preserved. thank you very much. president chiu: next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, president chiu and supervisors. i hope this comes in. this is a survivor mirror from war two. they would use these if you got lost on an island.
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♪ when you hear me, won't you s.o.s.? and we need help from you, won't you please say yes knowing me, knowing you we have got to face it this time it is true it is never easy i have to know that we tried to do the best we can knowing you are want to thank radio k being city folk
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is never easy but i will have the city board of supervisors no, knowing me, knowing you, it is the best we can do i have got to face that being broke is never easy i know but it is the best we can do ♪ president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> supervisors, respective of last week on the news television, we watched angry young men throw bricks off a
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roof. 60 minutes, one year or more ago, interviewed for or five young people who were paid to sign linda green to expedite mortgages and foreclosures and evictions of family. which one was more damaging? now we go back to my neighborhood, south beach marina. a rent increase of 10%, 8.9% last year, 9.5% this year for it is not good for families, young folks, old folks, especially for the neighborhood. we had 7.4% voted in the last election.
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market rate apartments are not homes. they are vehicles for financial people to make money. as long as we have that, we are going to have a disaster in the apartment from. what we need to do is cost of living. the real estate developers want no regulations. it is fair to all. the investors get a cost-of- living increase. the people that live here have a stable environment. why don't we say if you have 200 unit condos, you have to bundle it with a 200-unit apartment and 200 lower income? with that, i have to say good bye for now. it has been a long day. thank you. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> i have just come to talk to the board of supervisors.